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The Perfect Infant Car Seat you Can Choose Now

The Perfect Infant Car Seat you Can Choose Now

Choosing a child car seat is a puzzle for at least two reasons:

  • Because we don’t mess with safety in the car.
  • Because the information on the subject lacks clarity.

Suddenly, the question often animates parental discussions and we no longer count the moments of solitude experienced by each other in front of the “car seats” department of their favorite childcare stores playpen with changing station. Here are the things that you have to consider before you choose the right infant car seat.

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Choosing a child car seat in criteria

From safety to comfort, several important criteria should guide you in choosing your car seat.

Choose a car seat suitable for your child

In France, car seats meet two regulations. The oldest one called ECE R44 / 04 classify the seats by group according to the weight of your child. More recent, the i-Size standard (R129) groups them according to its size. Keep in mind that you must absolutely choose a car seat whose group corresponds to that of your child, as indicated in the table below. You can also find upgradeable car seats on the market that combine several groups.

Ask yourself about the real level of safety of the car seat

Car seats sold in France meet strict approval. As such, they must meet certain security requirements. We could therefore legitimately assume that all the equipment offered on the market is equal in terms of safety. Well no. The crash test videos that you will find on Youtube are, for some, uplifting. And they question the nature of the products that are sold to us.

Aware of the importance that parents place on safety, brands are nevertheless multiplying innovations to meet their expectations. Some offer models with enhanced protection against side impacts, others equip them with shields or energy absorption systems, for example. The ICRT (group of consumer associations in Europe) and automobile clubs (ADAC, TCS, STIWA, etc.) regularly carry out additional crash tests on certain car seats. It is strongly recommended to consult the results before choosing your model. You will find them in French in particular on the websites. Additional information on the subject is also available on the website Love my kid for example. You can also read the score obtained by your car seat in the ADAC crash test.

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Anticipate the installation of your car seat in your car

A car seat can be installed in two ways: with the seat belt or with the Isofix anchor points in your car. The latter method is often the safest and most flexible to implement. Do you want a seat that you will fix? Prefer a universal model that fits all cars. Otherwise, be sure to check the compatibility of the car seat with your car before making your purchase. Brands offer compatibility lists on their website.

Back to the road or facing the road?

Again, the answer is not as simple as it seems. If your seat is R44 / 04 approved, your child must travel rearward facing up to 9 kilos. 9 kilos is the weight from which it can leave its shell (Group 0) to settle in a Group 1 seat. If your seat is i-Size R129 approved, the rearward facing position is then compulsory until the age of 15 months. Remember, however, that the rearward facing position is the most recommended for road safety, up to at least 2 years according to some studies. Better to continue as long as your car seat allows it.