O-Ring Installation Equipment and Systems

McClellan has extensive experience with automatic axial o-ring installation around cylindrical parts. Our customized o-ring installation system consists of a vibratory feeder and singulator, a “dead” nest equipped with sensors, and a customized pick and place system that is equipped with mechanisms that gently pick up the individual o-ring, stretch it over the mating part, and strip it off so that it remains in place.

Our system uses both pneumatic and servo-driven components to ensure speed and placement precision without imparting any stresses to the o-ring itself. Our innovative gripper designs allow for a wide range of o-ring sizes. Our vibratory bowls and linear feeders are Teflon-coated to ensure a smooth transition from an o-ring clamp to a single row of parts ready for picking.

If you desire automatic o-ring insertion for multiple parts with different gland heights, this is not a problem! McClellan Automation engineers have experience in automatically raising or lowering the final placement and strip of the o-ring with a recipe interface that is accessed through the operator interface panel. All the operator needs to do is push a single button for configuration changes…the rest is done automatically.

O-rings can be easily dumped automatically from the vibrating bowl for cleaning or part changeover.

O-Ring Insertion System Case Studies

Automatic O-ring Insertion Case Study – Electrode Assembly Machine

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